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We provide a safe environment for you to sell your used panties and other intimate items.

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How do I start?

Let’s getting started on selling your worn desires!

1.   Let’s get you registered!

First, we need to sign you up for your Worn Desires vendor account! Please try to come up with a username that keeps your identity private.

2.   Set up your profile!

You’re all signed up! Now let’s get your store up. This step is for your shop, and the first thing potential buyers see. Your profile will include photos of you (only the ones that you choose) and a bio (a written description of yourself). We highly recommend not giving away personal information, such as your real name or address. However, the more detailed descriptions and photos you upload, the more buyers are likely to feel a connection with you and want to buy your worn desires! 

3.   Start Advertising!

You’re more than halfway through! This step involves sourcing, wearing, using and advertising your worn desires. Take photos of yourself in or using pair worn desires and upload these to your profile. You can choose whether to show your whole body or just a part of yourself – whatever you feel comfortable with. Include a detailed description of the product. Consider how long you will offer to wear or use them for, and whether you can do any activities in them that might create a more appealing product! 

4.   Get that money!

Once you have an interested buyer, you can agree on the payment and shipping method that suits you. Receive your payment, wear or use the desire, put them in an envelope or box, and post them off. Wasn’t that easy?

Read to sell your Worn Desires?

Worn Desires is a premiere marketplace for selling your used panties and desirables. Tempt your sexuality by exploring our diverse collection of shops, start selling your worn desires today!

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